3D Immersive Environments

Immersive environments make you feel that you are inside the virtual reality simulation.

Transform reality

Immersion is a set of technologies that generate a feeling of being present in the virtual environment. We can build immersive environments contemplating all your needs.

immersive virtual reality system

Everything for you

Complete project, design and installation*, taking into account the characteristics of the place and customer needs. Our screens are made with proprietary technology. We can set them up in any size or format, with support for passive or active stereoscopy (3D viewing).

*physical installation available in: Brazil, Portugal.

Great apps, bigger experience

You can use our state of the art virtual and augmented software. We develop applications or port legacy applications to harness the full power of the immersive environment, even if you already have an existing physical installation.

Smart Sync

Synchronize data from your applications and your website easily. Our applications can talk to each other and use a single database.

Control your systems from anywhere in the planet. Turn them off, change contents, get reports.

Perfect Synchronization


We give courses to train you to develop virtual reality applications.

Learn Virtual Reality

Technical Information

  • Screens: made with proprietary technology, we set up screens in any size, with support for passive and active stereoscopy (3D viewing).
  • Computers: installed and configured to control the system, and with libraries for virtual reality.
  • Installation: projector calibration, cables and tests.
  • Training: allowing the customer to develop their own applications independently.
  • Porting legacy applications: we port legacy applications to harness the full power of the immersive environment.

Images and videos

You can sync two CAVEs anywhere in the world
You can sync two CAVEs anywhere in the world
Many possibilities of virtual interaction
Many possibilities of virtual interaction
3D visualization of an architectural model in a mini-CAVE